Introducing a New Broadband Company


60-Second Online Commercial


Vyve Broadband

In a region of the Midwest, cable customers have been taken advantage of and treated poorly by their providers. The existing broadband company in the region offered unreliable service, poor customer support, and little-to-no options in their service bundles. Enter Vyve Broadband: a newly-branded company with state-of-the-art technology that prided themselves on excellent customer service and flexible product offerings.

To announce the arrival of this new company, I came up with the concept to “Say goodbye to broadband as usual” and to “Say hello to Vyve”. The video is a 60-second commercial (distributed online), and shows the arrival of this superior broadband company in your local neighborhood.

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My Roles:

• Concepting & Copywriting
• Storyboarding & Design
• Video Production (AfterEffects)
• Art Direction (Design, Music, Production)
• Project Management